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Scout Uniform

The Scout Section wears a Uniform that is the same as their Leaders except for the Sash. The Scout Sash is red with green borders, and is used to display Merit Badges. The World Scout Badge and the Scouts Canada Flag Strip are on the shirt when purchased from the Scout Shop.

Note how there is now more Awards that can now be sewn on different parts of the Uniform other than the sash.

Chief Scout, and Voyager Scout Awards are sewn to the left arm as shown.

The Official Scout Uniform consists of the following:
  • Scouts Canada Shirt
  • Group Neckar or Scarf
  • Woggle
  • Sash
  • 2 Epaulettes worn on shoulder straps
  • Scouts Canada Belt and Buckle
  • Any Official Awards or Special Events crests as received.
  • Service Bars--Yellow = 5 years, White = 1 year.

No other crests are to be sewn onto the shirt or sash.