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Cub Uniform

 Scouts Canada is a uniformed organization. The uniform helps build a feeling of belonging, pride and self-discipline.

A full and complete Cub uniform is required for all activities unless indicated otherwise. At each formal event the full uniform is worn. For less formal activities (such as parts of regular meetings), the sash is not required. For some rough-and-tumble-and-let’s-get-dirty activities, only the necker is worn – and it is tied (leave the woggle at home!) Akela and the other leaders will let you know when you can leave uniform pieces behind.

Cubs should wear footwear that is appropriate for the activity. In addition, Cubs are required to wear running shoes while involved in indoor activities. You will not be allowed to participate in sock feet for safety reasons, and wet boots ruin the fun for everyone, so remember your running shoes during the winter.

The Cub Uniform is the same as the Leaders uniform except the Cubs wear a red sash with yellow borders to display their merit badges they earn. The World Scout Badge and the Scouts Canada Flag Strip are on the shirt when purchased from the Scout Shop.

The Official Cub Uniform consists of the following:
  • Scouts Canada Shirt
  • Group Neckar of Scarf
  • Woggle
  • Sash
  • 2 Epaulettes worn on shoulder straps
  • Scouts Canada Belt and Buckle.
  • Any official Awards or Special Events crests as received.

No other crests are to be sewn onto the shirt or sash.