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Beaver Uniform

The Beaver vest comes with the World Scout Badge and the Scouts Canada Flag Strip already attached when you get one from the Scout Shop.

The ONLY crests that are to be sewn on are as follows:

Area badge: Owasco

Council badge: White Pine Council

Lodge:  Animal representing their Lodge

Group Crest:  We sew these on each necker prior to being given to youth and none is required for uniform.

Service Bars: Each white bar represents a year of Membership and can be accumulated as the Youth moves through the sections.  These may be purchased at the Scout Shop.

The different coloured Tails are sewn or pinned on the back of the hat depending on their age. For Example:

Brown Tail-----5 Year old (Senior Kindergarten)

Blue Tail  ------6 Year old (Grade 1)

White Tail------7 Year old (Grade 2)

No other crests are to be sewn anywhere on the Beaver Uniform. On occasion, crests are provided to the Youth when they attend a Camp or major event. Sew these onto a "Campfire Blanket" or keep them as you wish.