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Recycle and Fundraising - PLEASE help us keep the program affordable to all youth!

9th Pickering RECYCLES to perform our fundraising:
We help you by taking our broken or unwanted junk.   We leverage recycling and reuse to fundraise!
And we leverage fundraising that COSTS YOU NOTHING.

We will take your:
old/broken electronics: TV's (CRT and flat), computers, all computer accessories, VCR's, stereos, anything electronic
old/dead Car/RV/Boat/UPS batteries (large lead acid batteries)
discarded aluminum cans (yes, save your pop cans for us, we save them up, make a large load and get $$$ from aluminum scrap dealers!)
empty liquor and beer bottles (bottle drive!)

We will pickup, contact or 416 997 5609 to book a pickup

Please help us at no cost to you, the fundraising is necessary to make sure the Scout program is affordable to everyone!